Anti-sting clothing classification

- Aug 08, 2019-

Soft anti-stinging clothing 

Used to protect against attacks on the human body by common sharps such as daggers. Bulletproof panels can be added. Soft anti-stinging clothing made of ultra-high-strength ultra-high density polyethylene short-cut yarn and aramid short-cut yarn blend, also known as anti-stab vest stod-proof vest or anti-sting jacket, can effectively block the stabbing, cutting, cutting attack of cold weapons such as knives, daggers and so on, and comprehensively protect the human torso and internal organs from injury.

The material selected for the garment has excellent characteristics such as high fracture strength and high elastic modulus.

Semi-soft anti-sting suit

Block the dagger, the three-ring scraper, the general explosion chip attack Now a large number of equipment for the public security department, this anti-stab vest is semi-soft type, is made with a variety of new materials according to the special composite new process, it not only has anti-stab function, but also effectively block the general explosive materials and chip attack, and at the same time has waterproof, acid and alkali, anti-ultraviolet and other functions, to overcome the foreign all-soft stab vest not UV protection weakness , best suited for civil aviation protection, court police, financial network security, public security firefighters, corporate cashiers and special staff equipment. The stab vest is light weight (about 0.8kg), regardless of its performance or its price in the current domestic is the leading level, and to fill the domestic blank.