Bulletproof body armor level standard

- Aug 09, 2019-

Class I: Weight 40 ring, speed about 308 to 332 m/s .22LR naked lead bullet weight 158 ring, speed about 244 to 274 m/s .38Special all-shot rifle firing .22 LR or .38 wheel pistol IIA class: weight 124 ring, speed about 320 to 344 meters / 


The 9mm Piaraburum is all shot 158 g, speed s366 to 396 m/s .357mm Magnum soft-tip, general 9mm semi-automatic pistol or .357 wheel pistol 


Class II: Weight 124 ring, speed of about 346 to 376 m/s 9mm Paraberaum all by the A-ring weight 158 g, speed about 410 to 440 meters / second .357mm Magnum soft-tip bullet Long barrel pistol or short barrel submachine gun firing pistol projectiles 


III.A class: Weight 240 ring, speed of about 411 to 442 meters / second .44 Magnum air tip shot weight 124 g, speed of about 411 to 442 meters / s 9mm Parabelum all shot by the a-bomb long barrel Carbine pistol shot 


Class III: Weighing 147 g orders, 7.62 mm at speeds of about 823 to 853 m/s, all by the A-bomb M14 launched by the ordinary bomb 

Class IV: 166-ring, speed approx. 853-884 m/s .30-06 armor-piercing projectile M1 Galand-fired armor-piercing projectile Reprinted link: Huaqiang Wisdom Network http://www.hqps.com/tech/201410/216782.html