Bulletproof clothing design mechanism

- Jul 23, 2019-

The bulletproof mechanism of bulletproof clothing design mechanism Of bulletproof clothing has two basic points of motion: one is to break the body formed after the pieceofs, and the other is to use bulletproof material to release the kinetic energy of the warhead. The first bulletproof vests developed by the United States in the 1920s and 1930s were protected by a tie-up steel plate attached to a sturdy garment. This body armor, and later similar hard body armor, is bulletproof by firing a warhead or shrapnel, or breaking the bullet to consume the energy that breaks it down.

The high-performance fiber as the main bulletproof material of the soft bulletproof jacket, the bullet-proof mechanism is the latter-based, that is, the use of high-strength fiber as the raw material of the fabric "grab" bullets or shrapnel to achieve the purpose of bulletproof. Studies have shown that soft bulletproof vests absorb energy in five ways: (1) deformation of fabrics: including deformation of the bullet's incident direction and stretch deformation of the near by the incident point; ;(3) Heat: energy is emitted by friction by heat; (4) sound energy: the energy consumed by the sound emitted by the bullet after it hits the bulletproof layer; and (5) the deformation of the bullet body.

In order to improve the ability of bulletproof and developed by the soft and hard composite body armor, the mechanism of bulletproof can be summarized by "soft and hard" . When a bullet hits a bulletproof vest, the first thing that works with it is hard bulletproof materials such as steel plates or reinforced ceramic materials. During this instant contact, bullets and hard bulletproof materials can be shaped or broken, consuming most of the bullet's energy. High-strength fabric as a cushion and second line of defense for bulletproof clothing, absorbs and diffuses the energy of the rest of the bullet and acts as a buffer, thus reducing non-permeable damage as much as possible. In these two bulletproof process, the previous one plays a major energy absorption role, greatly reducing the force of the projectile, is the key to bulletproof. Factors affecting the effectiveness of bulletproof vests can be considered in terms of the interaction of the firing body (bullet sleet or shrapnel) and the bulletproof material. As far as the projectile is concerned, its kinetic energy, shape and material are important factors that determine its invasion. Common warheads, especially lead cores or ordinary steel core sbombs, can be deformed after contact with bulletproof materials. In this process, the bullet is consumed by a considerable part of the kinetic energy, thus effectively reducing the penetration of the bullet, is an important aspect of the mechanism of the bullet energy absorption.