Ceramic bulletproof plate

- Jul 02, 2019-

Ceramics are the kinetic energy that absorbs projectiles because of their rupture. The ceramic armor system is made up of a single ceramic or ceramic-metal composite and covered with a nylon cloth layer combined with high anti-sheet strength organic fibers (glass fibers are also available). The success of modern warfare is still the solution to the problem of spears and shields.

Guns, guns, missiles are spears, bulletproof armor is a shield, in the fight against violence, anti-terrorism and modern large-scale war, bulletproof armor can reduce casualties, improve combat effectiveness, increase the factors of victory, so it is necessary to study and develop it. The overall trend of armored materials is toughness, lightweight, versatile and high efficiency. Ceramic material is an important piece of bulletproof material, it has high hardness and wear resistance, high compression strength and high stress when the excellent ballistic performance, the Formula M value is ballistic quality factor, characterized ceramic material resistance.