UHMWPE applications

- Aug 05, 2019-

1, wear resistance and impact-resistant applications

1.1, textile machinery Textile machinery is the earliest application of UHMWPE field, as early as 1958, there are several companies with UHMWPE manufacturing to prevent mechanical parts, such as replacing the most durable toughness materials of water cowhide-made woven knot knot, to withstand 40 to 180 times / min long-term vibration shock, its life can reach 5 to 6 times the water cowhide knot.

At present, the average foreign application of UHMWPE parts on each loom has about 30 pieces, such as shuttle, shuttle rod, gear, joint, flower sweeping rod, buffer block, rod bushing, swing beam and other impact-resistant wear parts.

1.2, paper machinery Paper making machinery is the application of UHMWPE's second industrial field, about 1960, in a wood cutter conveyor first installed UHMWPE anti-grinding strip, the bottom plate and chain play a good protective role, the use of 5a basically no wear. It is estimated that the life of anti-grinding strip is more than double the life of the chain, UHMWPE and stainless steel, maple, cast-type polyurethane and laminate plastic and other wear-resistant materials are layered as suction tank cover, but the important thing is that uhMWPE cover resistance to the suction water tank stainless steel screen is much lower than other materials, This allows for the longevity of expensive stainless steel dead nets.

Today, the paper industry requires UHMWPE use accounted for 10% of the total, such as the use of UHMWPE to manufacture paper machine scraper, water absorption tank cover, press-tight parts, connectors, etc. , in addition, UHMWPE can also be used to manufacture paper machinery sealing shafts, deflectors, scrapers, filters and other components.

1.3, packaging machinery

UHMWPE's high wear resistance, low friction factor and non-stickiness make it more suitable in packaging machinery than some metals and other plastics, replacing phosphor bronze and fluoroplastics.

Replacing modified fluorine plastic stakes, conveyor slider holders, fixed plates, etc. with UHMWPE, not only greatly reduces the cost of equipment investment, but also extends the service life by 10 to 50 times.

A liquid detergent production line on the installation of the timing star wheel, with UHMWPE to replace the original laminate thermoset plastic, so that the past easy to wear, scratch bottles and easy to soften the problem solved, greatly reduced the cost of spare parts, UHMWPE manufactured timing screw, has also been used as standard parts on many bottling lines.

A large western brewery, uhMWPE has produced a 1.6km-long strip bottle conveyor belt, several times more durable than a conveyor belt made of phosphor bronze. On the conveyor line of a foreign automobile assembly plant, the chain-driven sprocket makes the car move on the steel plate transmission platform, because of the friction between the chain and the steel plate, the chain is very easy to damage.

Replacing steel plates with UHMWPE sheets greatly reduces wear and reduces power consumption.

1.4, general machinery

Because UHMWPE has excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, it is widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry, can be made a variety of gears, cams, impellers, rollers, sheaves, bearings, shafts, shafts, cutting shafts, gaskets, gaskets, elastic couplings, screws and other mechanical components.

2, self-lubricating and non-sticky-based applications

2.1, material storage and transportation

UHMWPE can be produced coal, cement, lime, mineral powder, salt, grain and other powdered materials, silos, slot lining, because it has excellent self-lubricity, non-stick, can make the above-mentioned powdered materials on storage and transportation equipment do not adhesion phenomenon, to ensure stable transportation. Coal, mineral powder, grain and other material hoppers used in the past stainless steel lining for packing transport, is now used to UHMWPE lining, long-term use, can reduce the phenomenon of heat, Baosteel transport ore hopper using UHMWPE, than the original use of metal material service life increased 10 to 50 times.

The use of UHMWPE to make material hopper lining is easy to construct, low cost, so large power plant coal transport feeder also uses UHMWPE lining. The coal chute in the coal quarry is made of UHMWPE to reduce the tilt angle, thereby increasing the amount of mining.

Transporting 400,000 t coal without changing the tank, its service life is 2 times higher than that of a fluid tank lined with magnesium alloy. UHMWPE is used in solid pipelines such as sand, which is 18 times longer in life than steel pipes, reducing costs to 1/25, 3 times longer than nylon tubes and reducing costs to 1/8.

In the delivery, the resistance in the tube is 25% smaller than the metal tube, which greatly improves the conveying efficiency. In the aspects of chutes, buckets and linings of ore carriers, when using traditional metal materials, when encountering cold and wet weather, the material freezes on the metal, while UHMWPE is not used, thus greatly reducing unloading time.

After a layer of UHMWPE sheet is lined with the bulk carrier's dump funnel, the average unloading time is reduced from 16 to 20h to 8h.

2.2 Agriculture, construction machinery UHMWPE is self-lubricity, the soil slides easily on its surface without sticking, and is impact-resistant and wear-resistant, making parts for agriculture and construction machinery.

Such as the sliding plate of the combine harvester, the plow ingress outer liner, the scraper of the earth-removal machine, the lining of the excavator bucket, the lining of the dump truck car, etc., can greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

2.3 Stylistics

The self-lubricity and wear resistance of UHMWPE can be used for skating, snowboard soles, mainly manufactured in Europe and the United States, and covered with UHMWPE ski slopes (layer thickness 20mm), with a maximum speed of 110km/h.

The UHMWPE ice skating rink, built by Mitsui Petrochemical Siochemist of Japan, opened to the public in Kagoshima Prefecture in 1975 at a cost of 1/4 of the general ice rink.

3, to corrosion resistance and non-absorbent applications UHMWPE has excellent chemical stability and non-absorbent properties, can be used as a variety of solution storage materials and large packaging containers, such as floats, sinks, gasoline tanks, pesticide containers and for solar equipment, such as water-repellent containers.

This is also one of the most widely used areas of UHMWPE. The UHMWPE container has excellent drop impact strength.

If the container is filled with water 20kg and dropped from high altitude to a 10mm thick iron plate, the damage height of the ordinary polyethylene container is only 9M, while the UHMWPE container can be up to 15M or more.

4, to health non-toxic applications

4.1, food and beverage industry UHMWPE is non-toxic, water resistant and non-stick required by the food industry. It is designated as a material that can be used directly in contact with food. Can be used for beer, refreshing beverages, condiments, etc.

When delivering items, it prevents damage to bottles, reduces noise, reduces wear and tear in conveyor belts, delivery screws, etc., and reduces power losses, as well as components for production equipment for meat, milk and candy and bread.

4.2, Medical UHMWPE has excellent physiological inertia and physiological adaptability, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture, can be used in several areas of medical contact with the human body, such as as heart valves, orthopaedic parts, artificial joints and birth control implants, such as clinical use, is the ideal medical polymer materials. Artificial hip joints made of wrist sare and metal femurs are more resistant and safe than PTFE.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are now receiving such artificial joint replacement.

5, other performance of the application

5.1, low temperature resistance application UHMWPE has excellent low temperature resistance, can be used in a variety of refrigeration machinery, and can be used as a nuclear industry's low-temperature components, in the field of low-temperature superconductivity is an ideal insulation material.

UHMWPE has an excellent masking effect on radiation, so it can be used as a shield for atomic power stations.

5.2, electrical insulation performance applications

UHMWPE has good electrical insulation performance, especially low dielectric loss angle tangentization values, and can be used to manufacture plating tanks, rollers and insulators, insulators, cable pipes, short circuits, cable terminals and other electrical devices that work in high and ultra-high frequency ranges.