A Silicon Carbide Body With Bulletproof Plate And Its Preparation Method

- Jul 06, 2019-

Carbide ceramics have excellent characteristics such as high mechanical strength, high resistance, strong antioxidant resistance, good thermal stability, high thermal conductivity, good wear resistance, good resistance to chemical corrosion, high hardness and good resistance to heat shock. Reaction sintered carbide is a new type of high-tech ceramic, widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electronic and ceramic, electro-ceramic harmful devices.

 The basic principle of reactive carbide ceramic is: liquid or gaseous eva with reaction activity, infiltrating carbon-containing porous ceramic scheming under the action of capillary tube, and producing carbide with the carbon reaction, newly generated carbide in situ binding with the original carbide particles, the residual gas hole in the leachate filler, completether the process of denseization. In recent years in the United States, Germany and other ceramic developed countries to use reaction sintered carbide ceramics as bulletproof plate materials, domestic production of bulletproof plate materials are mostly using pressure-free sintered carbide tile and oxidizing couple small six-sided plate stitched together. And the reaction to sinterized carbonized wa ceramic stompanodes to do the general fire- and wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials, density can only be achieved (2.

 98-3. 03) g/cm3. In the process of realizing the present invention, the inventor found that the existing technology at least has W deficiency: at present, the production reaction sintered carbonized carbonized ceramic bulletproof plate material, the body in the production process easy to crack, easy to deform, the finishrate of the smart body is low, easy to guide the product density, bending strength, fracture initial failure can not meet the requirements of bulletproof, It is not possible to use the reaction sintered carbonized carbon ceramic process to make the whole bulletproof plate.