Analysis Of The Factors Of The Performance Of Aramid UD Cloth Bulletproof

- Aug 01, 2019-

The factors such as fiber, bullet, adhesive, single-layer cloth structure, chip structure and different binding methods were analyzed, and the corresponding target piece was tested with bulletproof, and the result was drawn from the results: the higher the quality of the bullet, the higher the speed, the easier it is to penetrate the bulletproof material; When preparing a cloth without latitude, or waterproofing the surface, or using a waterproof adhesive: the use of adhesive with moderate bonding strength. Its solid content should be controlled at 20%-25%: no latitude. A single-layer cloth sheet can be used in any of the 0 s/90 degrees, 0 degrees/90 degrees/45 degrees/135 and 0 degrees/90 degrees/0/90 degrees/90 degrees: UD cloth press plate can be used as a backing material.