Aramid UD Cloth Preparation Process Maturation

- Aug 04, 2019-

Aramid UD cloth, is a one-way parallel arrangement of fibers made of adhesive bonding and pre-immersion material.

The specific preparation process of aramid cloth is as follows: aramid fiber after immersion of glue through a specific filament equipment for wire, parallel arrangement in the winding machine winding molding, heating and drying, the cloth sample rotation 90 degrees, with the same method will be filament and cloth sample orthogonal composite, you can get two layers of staggered aramid-free cloth. In order to continuously optimize aramid non-latitude cloth preparation technology and improve the performance of bulletproof, scholars at home and abroad have carried out a lot of research and exploration. Yang Xiaobing and so on through reasonable control of the tension in the winding process, optimize the preparation process, the production of fiber arrangement uniform aramid without latitude cloth. And through live-fire test, the anti-ballistic mechanism of aramid cloth laminate and the effect of face density on its bullet-proof performance were further studied. The results show that the laminate plate resistance to lower surface density without latitude cloth is also better. After using different surface treatment agents to treat aramid non-latitude cloth, the surface density, smooth softness of the surface, thickness, waterproof performance and bulletproof performance were compared. The results show that after a specific treatment agent surface treatment, aramid not only achieves waterproof function, but also does not decrease its bullet-proof performance. When the content is 4% to 5%, the bulletproof performance of the non-latitude cloth is optimal. Wu Zhongwei and so on through the method of single-factor experimental design, adding different content of pressure-sensitive adhesive and the corresponding additives, studied the secondary glue and molding technology, prepared a new type of anti-depression aramid acrylic no-latitude cloth. And through the structural design, the optimization of the press process, the use of the anti-depression material to prepare a thin, comfortable wearing bulletproof clothing products. NiJ III.A-class requirements and lower face density, product weight reduced by more than 20%, thickness reduced to 5.5mm, to meet the needs of lightweight and comfortable development. The production efficiency is low because the flaky parallel cloth is limited by the size of the roller. Liu Yuankun and others have developed a continuous production mode, that is, after setting a width, can continuously produce any length of non-latitude cloth. And by exploring the silk beam de-winding tension, adhesive formula, laminated composite temperature, pressure and operating speed and other key process conditions on the volume-shaped aramid surface quality and bulletproof performance of the roll-shaped aramid cloth, groping out a set of production of high-quality coiled aramid non-latitude cloth process, to achieve efficient production.