Bulletproof Platemade In China

- Jul 04, 2019-

China's manufacturing business scope is very wide, whether it is high-speed rail or screws, as long as you have the need to have good faith money, then we china can ensure that the goods on schedule and quantity of quality and quantity to you. That's how reliable it is. But some foreigners will question Chinese manufacturing, such as Chinese-made bulletproof panels, and foreign military fans have expressed doubts. Because there have been rumors that the quality of China's bulletproof vest is not generally good, so some foreigners specially bought a Piece of Chinese-made bulletproof plate, he used more than one gun to boldly test the quality of Chinese-made bulletproof plate is not as good as the legend. If you don't pass the test, it's an exaggeration. But China's bulletproof panels didn't disappoint us. Foreigners initially attacked with VZ assault rifles known as the Gods, with a distance of 8 meters. The second gun was the M1891 Mohsin-Nagan rifle, which ended with the Tokarev pistol. But after relentlessly shooting, China's bulletproof panels were still not pierced by him. This quality let him the whole person was surprised, this quality is really good enough to make people sweat cold goose bumpahah! And we Chinese not surprised at all, naturally very calm.