Ceramics In The Ceramic Bulletproof Insert Slabs Generally Use Three Different Materials.

- Jul 20, 2019-

1. Alumina ceramics Alumina ceramics have the largest density of the three materials, the same area under alumina ceramics made of bulletproof panelweight weight is much heavier. But alumina ceramics are very cheap.

So some customers who need large-scale purchases will choose this bullet-proof board.

2. Silicon carbide ceramics Silicon carbide ceramics are much less dense than alumina and do not appear to be heavy even compared to polyethylene PE. It's relatively expensive, four to five times more expensive than alumina ceramics, but lighter weight leads to a better wearing experience and less physical exertion.

If it is a well-funded customer after all or recommend the choice of this plug board

3. Boron carbide ceramics Boron carbide is expensive and can be 8 to 10 times as expensive as silicon carbide. Also because of the high value, we generally only use this material on the NIJ IV bulletproof panel. But his density is smaller and less limited than silicon carbide, relative to such a high price. Occasionally, some Tuhao customers choose to buy this plug board.