Misconceptions On Body Armor Four

- Jul 18, 2019-

Bulletproof clothing has a shelf life and is expensive, not suitable for roll-out Bulletproof clothing because of the special material, has a shelf life is not false, according to the characteristics of the material, the validity period is not the same. This does require attention to be paid to conditions such as temperature and humidity when preserving. But to say that the price is expensive and not to lay out the dress, this is for the concept of backward washing words. The price of bulletproof clothing with different designs and materials varies greatly. More than not to say, some time ago there is a video is not very hot, a foreigner holding a quick from China online purchase of bulletproof panels, almost zero distance with Themosina dry rifle and other weapons shot many times have not been able to beat through. That bulletproof board, only to buy for 100 dollars... The actual cost is certainly lower. For the country, the cost of training an ordinary infantry man is hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it is priceless for a soldier's family. If a piece of body armor that costs only a few hundred dollars can save a soldier's life, it's worth a thousand dollars! Not to mention the benefits of combat efficiency and morale. So it's not a luxury to wear body armor, but it does improve the military's operational effectiveness and save on war costs.