Misconceptions On Bulletproof Clothing II

- Jul 14, 2019-

The public believes that even if the body armor can resist the rifle bullet, but the shape of the body armor will cause secondary damage to people, often people fractured live internal organs injury. This is really not necessarily, even now the probability of happening greatly reduced. This can happen when early bulletproof vests are not high enough, such as when you wear a second-class bulletproof vest to a hard-fought rifle bullet. But now as long as the bullet level is sufficient, after the bullet can be greatly avoided, because this is also the design of the situation. For example, a soldier wearing a bulletproof vest after being hit after the injury, you can see mainly bruising surface injury, after all, the bullet force is so big. But by no means a change of form makes a person seriously injured. There were U.S. soldiers in Iraq who were hit by SVD at a distance of 75 meters and quickly climbed to the ground, only to find that the hit area was just a few bruises. The famous SEAL soldier was shot 27 times in close range indoors, most of them still being hit by a ak, but survived because of his body armor. Through these real-world examples, it can be seen that bulletproof clothing has excellent protection today.