Type Of Bulletproof Vest

- Sep 16, 2019-

Bulletproof vest used to protect against bullet or shrapnel damage to the human body. The bulletproof vest is mainly composed of two parts: the jacket and the bulletproof layer. Clothes commonly used chemical fiber fabric production. The bulletproof layer can absorb the kinetic energy of the warhead or shrapnel, and has obvious protective effect on the low speed warhead or shrapnel. Bulletproof clothing includes infantry bulletproof vest, flying personnel bulletproof vest and artillery bulletproof vest and so on. According to the appearance can also be divided into bulletproof vest, full protective bulletproof vest, women's bulletproof vest and other types.


From the point of view of use, bulletproof vests can be divided into two types: police type and military type. From the material point of view, bulletproof vests can be divided into software, hardware and soft and hard complex three kinds. The material of soft bulletproof vest is mainly composed of composite weft cloth with high performance textile fiber. These high performance fibers are much higher than the energy absorption capacity of general materials and endows bulletproof vests with bulletproof function. Because this bulletproof vest generally adopts the structure of textiles, it has considerable softness, which is called soft bulletproof vest. The hardware bulletproof vest is made of special steel plate, super strong aluminum alloy and other metal materials or hard non-metallic materials such as alumina and silicon carbide as the main bulletproof materials. Bulletproof vests generally do not have softness, mainly in the form of insert board. The softness of soft and hard composite bulletproof vest is between the above two types. It is a kind of composite bulletproof vest with soft material as lining, hard material as panel and reinforcing material.

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4. Boom blanket


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