Types Of Bulletproof Ceramics

- Jul 08, 2019-

Bulletproof ceramics, also known as structural ceramics, which have high hardness, high modulus characteristics, commonly used for metal abrasion, such as grinding ceramic balls, ceramic milling pin stos.... A class of engineering uses while ceramics in composite armor often play the role of "sabotage warhead" its wide variety of bulletproof clothing most commonly used in alumina ceramics (AI2O3), silicon carbide ceramics (SiC), boron carbide ceramics (B4C). Alumina ceramic density is the highest, but the hardness is relatively low, the processing threshold is low, the price is cheaper.

The industry has a more different purity divided into -85/90/95/99 alumina ceramics, the higher the label indicates the higher the purity, the higher the hardness and price

Silicon carbide density is moderate, the same hardness is also relatively moderate, belongs to the cost-effective structure ceramic, so most of the domestic bulletproof vest panels will use silicon carbide ceramics.

Boron carbide ceramics in these kinds of ceramics in the lowest density, the highest strength, at the same time, the processing process is also very high requirements, the need for high temperature and high pressure sintering, so its price is also the most expensive in several ceramics. Take NIJIII grade plate as an example, although the weight of alumina ceramic plate than silicon carbide ceramic insert plate 200g to 300g more than boron carbide ceramic panel 400g to 500g more. But the price is indeed 1/2 of the silicon carbide ceramic plate and 1/6 of the boron carbide ceramic panel, so the current alumina ceramic panel is the most cost-effective, belongs to the market-led products.